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"Given the pervasive nature of bed bugs, Bed Bug Inspection Group provides peace of mind by pinpointing exactly where the bugs and/or their eggs may be present via their trained Beagle."
- Dawn from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"The technician answered all of our questions and concerns accurately and professionally. I felt like John and Daisy were a great team and were thorough."
- Danielle from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"...we would recommend to everyone. Great, professional experience."
- Ms. Jones from Park Slope

Jon is knowledgeable, kind, professional, and tactful. He is exactly the kind of person you hope to deal with during as stressful a time as a bed bug infestation.

A couple of great things about his service:
1. He has answers to any question you could ask him and clearly does lots of professional development, attending conferences, etc.
2. He was prompt in all communication
3. He sends a professional written report immediately after the inspection, which I can imagine would be very helpful when finding an exterminator, or proving to your landlord that you have an infestation
4. He was extremely careful and thorough during the inspection
5. Daisy the dog is well behaved, cute, and clearly well trained and taken care of
6. He keeps in touch after the inspection, to ask if you have any questions or need help

This is the kind of family business you can feel great about giving your business to!!
- Laura G.

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I recently had a bed bug scare and was completely freaking out, so I called up BBIG to make an appointment for an inspection. I spoke to Jon on the phone and he was so kind  and flexible about scheduling an appointment later that day (I was in a panic and wanted to find out if there were bugs immediately). He arrived promptly and did such a thorough job with the visual inspection of my apartment. His manner was so professional and polite, and he was incredibly patient and knowledgeable when answering my questions. The inspection wrapped up with Daisy, the adorable bug-sniffing beagle. Jon even emailed me to follow up with links to some preventative measures he had mentioned while at my house.

It turned out there were no bed bugs, but my peace of mind was worth every penny I spent on this (the price was also reasonable compared to other options). If you have the misfortune of needing this kind of service, BBIG is a great go-to.
- Rebecca I.

I would never hope to recommend this type of service to anyone but god forbid I do, then I would recco this guy (points to Jon and daisy).

Had a few friends come over, one of whom had BBs but never told us. My gf found out from other people about our infested friends and became livid and paranoid. She started saying how itchy she was and how the dog seemed to have been scratching more. I told her it was all in her head but she's a lawyer and a loquacious one at that, so many blah blah blah legalese blah blah blahs later she convinced me to call up this guy (points to Jon and daisy again) . Jon sounded professional and the rates were reasonable, but best of all Jon (and daisy) was PROMPT in coming over 2 hours after I called BBIG. Jon and Daisy spent a thorough 2 hours sniffing out every crook and cranny in my apartment and told us we didnt have bed bugs. The money spent is easily worth getting my girlfriend to shut the hell up in a timely manner.
- DunWuri B.

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Anxiety and sleepless nights are over. It all started when a bed bug was found in the office. Not knowing where it came from we decided not to take any chances and immediately scheduled an appointment with BBIG. Jon arrived promptly and did a thorough walk through of our apartment and didn't find any bed bugs. Jon is very professional answered all our questions and concerns. Thanks again Jon and Daisy.
- Anthony N.

We had a great experience with Jon!  He is thorough, professional, and affordable.

A few weeks ago my fiance and I were in town visiting his family in brooklyn and the first night i slept there i was having problems.  I wasn't sure what it was because i'm allergic to a lot of stuff but when i woke up it looked like i had a rash on my arms and it was really itchy.  

We thought it might be bed bugs (we've lived in new york for years) so my fiance called these guys to have his parents' house checked out.  thankfully, jon came out the same day we called.  He and his dog searched their house and determined that there was an infestation.  

Glad we did this otherwise his parents' wouldn't have guessed.  Highly recommend!
- Diana L.

A few weeks ago, a uncle of mine suspected that their home might have been infested by bed bugs because they discovered that their next door neighbors had them. Not knowing what to do, they asked around for advice.  It just happens that a friend of mine also got infested a few months prior (Not surprising since this is NYC after all, the apparent HQ of all bed bugs) and they recommended a company called Bed Bug Inspection Group that they used to sniff out their bed bug hot spots so they would know if they needed to hire someone to come in and kill them or not.  
Not wanting to hire a expensive exterminator and possibly poisoning themselves killing bed bugs that did not really exist in their home, I helped them out and gave Bed Big Inspection Group a call.  My uncle have some strange hours because he worked in the restaurant industry but the company was very flexible with the schedule and was able to accommodate him easily.

Soon, one of the inspectors of the company, Susan came by with her trained dog.  She was very patient with my uncle's many questions.  And boy did he have many questions because he was worried.   Once he was assured that she knows what she was doing, Susan went around the apartment saying "Where's the bees?  Where's the bees?".  Apparently that is how the dog knows to start seeking out the bed bugs.  I wonder why it's not "Where's the bed bugs?".

Susan was very thorough with her inspection and soon confirmed that his bed, sofa, and parts of the rugs were already infested.  My uncle was very happy with the job that was done.  At least as happy as being confirmed that he have bed bugs could be.

Now I just need to find a recommendation for an exterminator for him.
- Wing L.

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I called Bed Bug Inspection group because a friend used them when she had what turned out to be bird mites. Unfortunately for me I wasn't so lucky. While on vacation I wrongly brushed off my bites as mosquito bites and apparently brought the suckers home. I finally decided to call an inspector after getting numerous bites.

I had my bedroom and roommate's room inspected. Their dog signaled on the mattress and my closet (where my luggage was) but my roommate's room was fine.  To further confirm the presence of bugs, a visual inspection was done and I was shown evidence of dark black spots on my relatively new mattress. I told them how I probably got it and they advised me to always check the mattress for these spots whenever I go on vacation - even if it's a fancy 5 star hotel, you never know!!
- Krista F.

My experience was SO amazing with Bed Bug Inspection Group that I am writing my first ever business review!  I was waking up with bites and had an exterminator come in to have a look at my apartment.  Unfortunately, he didn't really do a thorough check, saw a red mark on a decorative pillow and told me I had bed bugs. Another exterminator came in and said I had dust mites but my place is squeaky clean and dust-free.  I was still getting bit and at this point not sleeping and showing up to work / spending my weekends red-eyed, riddled with anxiety and out of it.  Not knowing who to believe and spending time on the internet with contradictive information on bed bugs made matters worse.  I needed to know if I had bb's and feel confident that what I was told was factual.  

That's when I found BBIG.  The rave reviews here on Yelp first drew me in and I have to say, no one has exaggerated!  Jon was able to squeeze me in the same day I called - a Saturday mind you -  and arrived with Daisy, the dog.  Jon was extremely professional and took his time completing a most detailed and thorough check through out my apartment - from the bed and walls down to unscrewing outlet covers and looking through tiny crevices before bringing in  Daisy to sniff the place out.  The process wasn't rushed at all which was my first assurance things were going to be done right.

I learned that Jon and his team got into this business as a result of their own experience with bed bugs, spending well into the four digit #'s and not knowing who to trust (after my initial experience, I can relate), they became a pros on the subject and the dogs as well!  

Very noble to give back in such a way and I personally prefer to stick with those who know!

I did not end up having bed bugs and have to say, it was well worth it as I know for sure now, have peace of mind and my faith is restored in the bug business.  Highly Recommended!
- Alison J.

My experience with Bed Bug Inspection Group was great.  Jonathan and Susan were uber professional to deal with--seriously, a pleasure--on time, polite, respectful (even putting footies on their shoes before coming into my apartment), and patient.  And the search (which involved both a visual and canine inspection) was done very thoroughly by an adorable, well behaved dog named Daisy.  Thank goodness the search was negative.  Still, when, a few nights later, I found some suspicious looking marks on a mattress, Jonathan came by my apartment for free at 11 p.m. at night (seriously!!!) to take a look and reassure me that they weren't bed bug feces.  If you need a bed bug inspection, use them!
- Stacey K.

I called the BBIG after a scare in my apartment, and they came quickly with knowledgeable and friendly service, (and a cute dog!).  

It turned out to be a false alarm, but I'll be calling these guys again next time.
Chris L.

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After seeing a few odds bites on my hands and later on my kids, I called the BBIG and Jon and Daisy came over the same afternoon. Jon was very thorough and patient (especially when my kids distracted Daisy). Unfortunately they found evidence of bed bugs in our room, and Daisy found the two vials Jon had placed elsewhere. Jon responded to our many, many questions. I have to trust the other reviews that the price was lower than others since we didn't look elsewhere, but I will say that the experience was well worth what we paid. I would recommend them to anyone.
- Heather B.

After I got bed bugs in my last apartment, I was concerned that they might have hitched a ride over to my boyfriend's apartment so I called Jonathan to come check it out. He and Daisy the dog showed up on time (actually a little early!) and explained the whole process to us. Jonathan hid vials of dead bed bugs and eggs with metal mesh tops in places where bed bugs wouldn't be hiding like the air conditioner, etc. He also did a visual inspection of the mattress and boxspring, baseboards, and surrounding are. Daisy found the vials but nothing else, thank goodness!

After the visit, Jonathan supplied a report of the visit and a feedback form. Everything was very professional and was much less expensive than the other services. If I ever need inspection help again, although I hope I won't, I'll definitely use the Bed Bug Inspection Group!
- Alex G.

My wife and I were on vacation in Thailand and she noticed these bites on her arm which resembled bed bug bites.  We called emailed Jon from BBIG and sent him some pictures of the bites but it was hard to tell from pictures exactly what it is.  He answered all our questions courteously and patiently even though my wife was freaked out by the bites.  We scheduled a follow up inspection when we returned to the states and he inspected us right after we landed at our apartment lobby to make sure we wouldn't bring anything back to our home. Talk about customer service!  He had Daisy sniff us and our belongings and luckily she found no evidence of us bringing back bed bugs from our trip.  After getting the peace of mind from Jon and Daisy, we went upstairs to our apartment.  We later found out that it might've been a rash from riding on Elephants since only my wife got the marks and I didn't.  I would definitely recommend Jon and Daisy to anybody.  The price is competitive and customer service is top notch.
- Peter Y.

Shared a room in a large house in The Hamptons with another couple last weekend, turned out they had an infestation in the bed.  Despite no other findings of bugs in the house, and washing and drying all our clothes before leaving, we found a live bug in our apt. the other day.  BBIG sent Jon (inspector) & Daisy (dog) that same afternoon.  Jon confirmed it was a bed bug, told me how to preserve it (in case I need it as evidence), very patiently answered all of my questions, then did a thorough inspection of my one bedroom apt, probably for about an hour.  He found two stains on a pillow, but nothing else.  Then Daisy made three alerts in the bedroom.  Jon provided helpful advice (buy contractor bags to put our bedroom clothes in, buy mattress covers and climb ups.)  He also said I could call his cell phone any time with additional questions, and sent a report of the inspection the next morning.  Just an fyi that BBIG doesn't recommend exterminator services (I think it's a political thing), but I still felt the inspection was worth it as I didn't even know if what I had found was in fact a bed bug.  I would definitely recommend this company!!
- Meredith L.

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