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Residential Services

Bed Bugs Have Reached An Epidemic Stage. You Can’t Be Too Cautious.

Whether you rent or own your apartment, co-op or condo, you’ll appreciate not only the accuracy but also the discretion of the Bed Bug Inspection Group. Our clients who come up completely clean after our exhaustive search tell us our service gave them true peace of mind -- and what they learned a lot in the process has helped them maintain their bed bug free status.

Don’t Be Fooled By A Fresh Coat of Paint

Looking for a new home or apartment? No matter how new or posh the building appears to be, you need to make sure it is bed bug free before you sign a lease. One call and our canine team can inspect your new facility to make sure you don’t end up in a brand new home with an old bed bug problem. Plus, BBIG can even inspect the moving van you use before you give them your boxes. Frequently tenants who decide to move out of a building that had bed bugs unknowingly transport sticky bed bug eggs or larvae in their moving boxes or their furnishings.

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